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Founded in June 2020, we created the Black Owned Media Equity and Sustainability Institute to unite and advance Black-owned media businesses, educate the public on the importance of these platforms, and provide resources to support. Black-owned media outlets have been a beacon for Black communities for over 190 years.

We curated a public database of Black-owned media companies across the country.  They have stood on the front lines of issues such as voting rights, civil rights, fair pay for all, unionization, education equity, healthcare disparities, and many other issues that impact Black people and reflect the current state of civil unrest.

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We are focused on nurturing: 

  • Economic Empowerment
  • Ecosystem Sustainability
  • Innovation & Growth

To taut solidarity with the movement for Black liberation without addressing the lack of equity in advertising spend dollars is essentially replicating the horrors of slavery by way of media; our pain, our losses, and our stories should not be exploited.

A redistribution of advertising spend dollars is needed in order for Black media outlets to thrive and continue to document our stories in our voice. 

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Devon Christopher Johnson
Dévon Christopher Johnson

Founder & CEO
Bleulife Media

Rhonesha Byng
Rhonesha Byng

Founder & CEO
Her Agenda

Kay Lucas
Founding Advisor
Kay Lucas

Founder & CEO

Anastasia Williams
Founding Advisor
Anastasia Williams

Founder & Chief Curator
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