Headlands Studio is among the top women & minority-owned video production companies. After years of working in various capacities in production, we are invigorated to be able to create the tone and working environment that we have always craved. Headlands studio is an ego-free commercial video production company where all crew are safe, appreciated and where we will politely laugh at your dorkiest jokes. It might be hard to imagine such a set – we can attest, it is real. However, the efficiency and empathy in the working environment are not what truly characterizes Headlands, the level of care and preparation Jennell and Sally put into their work is something to behold. Put simply we care deeply about the work and our client and we care deeply about our community of crew members and the final product.


Year Founded: 2021

CEO / Publisher: Jennell Lewis

Editor In-Chief or Managing Editor: Jennell Lewis

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